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Software for clinicians, by clinicians. Cloud-based and personalized across populations for Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Failure, Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Obesity.

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Patient Enrollment Setup

NowRPM helps you identify which of your patients are eligible for the RPM program, performs patient consent and training, and ships devices directly to your patients ready to use.

Patient Enrollment

  • EHR integration to identify and extract at-risk Medicare patients within your practice.
  • Patient demographic data is corrected, completed, and validated with partner APIs.
  • Patient clinical data is matched with supported 100Plus medical devices.
  • Medicare eligibility check to ensure you are reimbursed.

Device Setup and Shipping

  • Patient outreach and consent automated dialing, mailing, email, and SMS.
  • Devices are shipped directly to patients fully configured and ready to use out of the box without the need for a phone, app download, email, Bluetooth, or set up by patients.
  • Patient outreach upon confirmation of device delivery for training.
  • Unlimited free devices, which are critical to managing a patient's chronic conditions.

How Can NowRPM Help?

Reimbursable Remote Patient Monitoring

NowRPM enables clinicians to remotely monitor their patients' blood pressure, blood-glucose levels, weight and more, and virtually send encouragement or treatment adjustments when necessary. Learn more about our approach to Remote Patient Monitoring.

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Population Risk Stratification

Based on aggregated patient-generated data and additional relevant data, NowRPM provides a risk stratification view to clinicians, identifying patients who are at the greatest risk for a worsening condition or complications.

Data-Driven Clinical Efficiency

NowRPM works within the EHR and combines patient-generated health data from connected devices with clinical data from the EHR to drive patient-specific clinical insights and actions, all while working within the existing clinical workflow.

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Guideline-based Clinical Decision Support

Configurable clinical decision support cards, such as medication modeling and treatment recommendations, are embedded within the clinician’s workflow and are tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Patient Adherence and Population Health Management

Our Virtual Medical Assistant reaches out to your patients daily to ensure that they are testing regularly and that their tests are in a safe range. If not, we inform your staff immediately.


Population Health Management

  • Population Health Management leverages American Diabetic Association, American Heart Association, and CDC to identify patients who are outside of a safe range.
  • Dedicated staff members are identified immediately to ensure patients are triaged in a timely manner to avoid patient condition escalation or hospitalization.
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Patient Adherence

  • Virtual Medical Assistant is a personification of the practitioner to perform daily outreach to patients and ensure they are performing their daily readings.
  • The result is higher adherence, lower patient attrition, and dramatic staff time savings

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